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Making Events Stronger

About Us

Trifecta Collective is an entrepreneurial owned partnership between two industry veterans, Rick McConnell and Jen Hoff, backed by a leading Private Equity partner in order to acquire industry leading events in the B2B space.

Rick and Jen place a high value on understanding the unique aspects of each event business and the team of leaders that helped make the business successful. We want to combine our capabilities with forward thinking strategies which make the most of new technology and innovative approaches to growing trade shows.

We listen closely and have participatory approaches to developing strategy and direction.

No one size fits all here!

Why Trifecta?

Meet The Team

Rick McConnell

Rick McConnell has a proven track record of acquiring, launching, and growing events. He is a team builder, innovator, idea...

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Jennifer Hoff, CEM

Jennifer is an expert in the trade show industry, garnering accolades for strategic leadership, increasing revenue and producing events at...

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Donna Bellantone

Donna is a tradeshow industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. Prior to joining Trifecta, Donna launched a new...

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Bill Doll

Prior to joining Trifecta Collective, Bill worked as the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for the Center for Vein Restoration...

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Contact Us

Trifecta Collective LLC

2300 Clarendon Blvd.
Suite 305
Arlington, VA 22201

Rick McConnell, CEO

Phone: 214-693-0672

Jennifer Hoff, President

Phone: 703-395-2613

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